10 Questions with Audrey Harrer

April 10, 2017

Audrey Harrer
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Alt-chamber composer, harpist, and vocalist Audrey Harrer is the latest to take on the #10Questions challenge. Read on to find out about her current projects and why she is a great travel buddy.

What is your profession?
Performing Composer (Voice/Harp/Electronics), Creative Director, Marketing Media at Berklee College

Where do you live?
Jamaica Plain 

What's a cool project you're currently working on?
I’m currently in production of my second record titled Memory Banks to release in 2018, as well as a song cycle commission to premiere Fall 2017. I just got some new harps (a little neon green Camac Bardiac, and the electric Delta Harp from Salvi), so I’m busy exploring the sonic possibilities of those instruments.

What's your current favorite Boston bar or restaurant?
State Park is my go-to for pre-movie drinks. Also, I just tried Kava in the South End; delicious Greek food and wine.

Random fact/hidden talent about yourself?
I can find the coolest place to stay in any city.

What does it mean to live a creative life?
Enjoying process has to be the most important factor. For everything that is presented, there are countless unseen hours that go into making it happen. Those hours lead to friendships, insights, and growth. Additionally, that process needs to have diverse applications to be balanced. If I were to break it down I’d say that maintaining a personal artistic practice, supporting/participating in the arts community, and teaching/knowledge-sharing would be the three main threads.

I am powered by/run on _________________?
...adventurous schemes, unconventional collaborations, and experiencing newness.

What GIF best describes you?


What is your favorite #bosarts experience from the last few months (or of all time!)? Definitely the Times Two Series. They have inventive programming in cool spaces, and they’ve grown an eclectic, engaged audience. I’ve had the honor of not only playing this series but also hosting it at my private studio, Magnolia Loft.

If you weren't in Boston in 2017, what city and era would you be most at home in?
New York City in the 1960’s

Name the next three fascinating #bosarts people we should send these questions to next.
Jesse Christeson, Marti Epstein, Nate Tucker

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