10 Questions with Bryn Boice

August 30, 2016

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Theater artist Bryn Boice is the latest to take part in our #10Questions series. Read on to learn about what she's up to this fall and her fascinating brush with fame, fortune, and Meredith Viera.

What is your profession?
I’m the Artistic Director of Anthem Theatre Company, a freelance director, AEA actress, and theatre educator. I’ll be teaching Dramatic Theory and Criticism at Salem State this Fall.

Where do you live?
In lovely Medford (Meh-fuh) right behind Tufts.

What's a cool project you're currently working on?
Anthem Theatre Company, my small ensemble, is producing The Dare Project: Boston, an offshoot of the long-running event in NYC. It’s a series of 10-minute plays based on audience dares! We drew them out of a hat at Aeronaut Brewery on July 23, and got some really outrageous ideas to develop into plays. We have writers from four BCA Resident Companies and four independents, including Dawn Simmons and Israel Horovitz. And the dares range from losing a long lost love (Walken-style) to Pokemon Go to a rethinking of Candide. I can’t wait; these writers’ creativity is mind-boggling. It’s at the BCA from September 15–17. After that, we start Twelfth Night of the Living Dead, which I’m directing. Blood and guts!

Random fact/hidden talent about yourself?
I am a bit of a trivia buff. I was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 2003 with dear, dear Meredith Vieira, and there is video documentation that I wanted to start a theatre company with the money! Sadly I had to walk away at $16,000 (and the IRS takes 45%, did you know that?!)

What does it mean to live a creative life?
Living a creative life is everything; it’s problem solving, joy, politics, human interaction, education, love and a lot of sweat. It means we get to MAKE things with the specific brain and body we’ve been handed—and every one of these combinations has something different and illuminating to say. Living a creative life is what we’re supposed to be doing.

What emoji best describes you?
The cone with confetti. I like to think of myself as a “yay” kind of person.

What is your favorite #bosarts experience from the last few months (or of all time!)?
I had the privilege of being the Assistant Director to Paula Plum on ASP’s The School for Scandal last season. Mid-way through the run, Allyn Burrows called to see if I could be the emergency understudy for Sarah Newhouse, who’d suddenly fallen ill. He called at 6:45, picked me up on the corner at 5 to 7, and I went on at 8pm, with the help of the whole cast and crew! It was an amazing experience to get to feel heroic for my own #bosarts heroes. (And, best of all, Sarah got better and I didn’t have to do it twice!)

What's your most memorable "That's so Boston" experience?
We were filming a scene for an upcoming web series called “Bostontowne” on one of the coldest days on record. The cast, which happened to include most of the Anthem team, was bedecked in American Revolution garb (from both sides) and we were shooting quite near the Old North Church. There was nothing more telling than our lunch break–a whole bunch of actors pouring into a coffee shop in redcoats, wigs, corsets and mobcaps and ordering coffee and artisanal sandwiches. NO ONE bats an eyelash. SO Boston. We moved here shortly thereafter.

Who would play you in the film (or musical or operatic) adaptation of your life?
I think most people would agree: Martha Plimpton. Though I would definitely pull for Cool Rider-era Michelle Pfeiffer.

Name the next three fascinating #bosarts people we should send these questions to next.
Lydia Barnett-Mulligan, Matt Stern, David Castillo.

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