10 Questions with Diana Hunt

June 14, 2016

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With a near-perfect attendence record at Opus Affair since day one (well, technically day two), cohost and photographer Diana Hunt is a face we're sure you'll recognize. Get to know her better in the latest installment of our quck-take interview series #10Questions!

What is your profession?
I'm an organic chemist by day and a photographer (wink) by night.

Where do you live?
Cambridgeport! For the entire time I've been in Boston. Seriously, I basically move about 200 feet every seven years.

What/when was your first Opus Affair?
The second Opus ever in June 2008. Missed the inaugural event because I was hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which I feel is a reasonable excuse. I mostly remember getting lost on the way there (it was at Sanctuary near the Aquarium). 

Favorite Opus Affair memory?
I wasn't even present for the event (I was out of town with family), but having a very...shall we say "made-happy-by-drink" Graham Wright telling me over the phone how the 5th birthday party went. It was such a great feeling for Opus to reach that milestone. The first Big Party is definitely a close second.

What's your current favorite Boston bar or restaurant?
I think I'd have to say The Hawthorne for its atmosphere. (Caveat: I almost always choose a favorite bar based on how well it photographs when we have an event there. #priorities)

I am powered by/run on _________________?
Hugs. And friends. And hugs from friends.

What would your fantasy superpower be and why?
Always knowing the exact right thing to say to make someone feel better. Imagine how powerful that would be. Also probably a useful tool for promoting world peace, so win-win.

What emoji best describes you?
I don't think I ever use emoji, but is there a firecracker one? [Editor's Note: Yes, Diana, yes there is. And we think it is a very fitting one for you to choose to describe yourself with.]

What is your favorite #bosarts experience from the last few months (or of all time!)?
In the past few months—probably Art in Bloom at the MFA. I love how it draws you into seeing pieces of art in a new way by considering someone else's (floral) interpretation of the work.
Of all time—Sleep No More at the ART in Brookline in 2010, what an incredible performance.

Name the next three fascinating #bosarts people we should send these questions to next.
Erica Spyres, Andrew Paul Jackson, and David Kravitz

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