10 Questions with Liz Devlin

August 4, 2016

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Magical #bosarts unicorn Liz Devlin is the latest to tackle Opus Affair's quick-take interview series, 10 Questions. 

What is your profession?
Arts writer, curator, consultant, advocate, digital doyenne

Where do you live?
Beacon Hill

What's a cool project you're currently working on?
I’m curating a group exhibition at the Mills Gallery (Boston Center for the Arts) this fall called, Fertile Solitude. October 14–December 18, opening Friday October 14, 6–8pm, be there.

What's your current favorite Boston bar or restaurant?
Anywhere that serves moscow mules in copper mugs, I’m easily swayed.

What does it mean to live a creative life?
I think acclaimed painter, Mark Ryden says it best: “You have to bring to life the part of your brain that finds mystical wonder in life and nature. There is a part of your soul that can spend hours admiring the subtle colors and shapes in an old raccoon skull. You have to find the particular things that bring out your spirit. It may be to get up at the crack of dawn to explore the flea market in search of treasure. Perhaps light incense and listen to music that would embarrass you if anyone knew about, and wonder about alchemy, astrology and the secrets of the universe. It is the part of your spirit that still feels like a kid, and is awe-inspired and fascinated by the world.”

What would your fantasy superpower be and why?
Flight, so I could cut down on my travel costs.

What GIF best describes you?

What emoji best describes you?

Who would play you in the film (or musical or operatic) adaptation of your life?
Tina Fey, if she’s free.

Name the next three fascinating #bosarts people we should send these questions to next.
Gabrielle Schaffner, Erin Becker, Paul Kotakis

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