10 Questions with Margot Rood

June 27, 2016

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Traveling human noisemaker Margot Rood is no stranger to Opus Affair, but do you know what her fantasy superpower is? Find out in the latest installment of #10Questions!

What is your profession?
Traveling Human Noisemaker (a.k.a. Soprano)

Where do you live?
East Boston!

What/when was your first Opus Affair?
Fall 2011 (I think?) at Forum on Boylston! It was an exciting and overwhelming bunch at first but moments after I walked in I was greeted by my dear KTHD and had my picture taken by the lovely Diana Hunt, which assured me I was in good company.

What's a cool project you're currently working on?
I'm working my tush off to produce and release my first solo album, Living in Light, featuring the vocal chamber music by a rising female composer based in New Hampshire, the fabulously talented Heather Gilligan!

What's your current favorite Boston bar or restaurant?
Ecco Boston, Eastie's little known gem!

What does it mean to live a creative life?
Living a creative life means consistently challenging oneself to explore new avenues of one's chosen art form. For me as a singer that means encouraging the evolution of art song, chamber music, oratorio, and opera by commissioning, promoting, performing, and recording the works of living composers, known and unknown!

What would your fantasy superpower be and why?
Teleportation, so that I would never have to deal with an airport EVER AGAIN and so that I could get to performances all over this fair country in mere seconds.

What is your favorite #bosarts experience from the last few months (or of all time!)?
I'd have to say my favorite #bosarts experience of all time is performing Osvaldo Golijov's Three Songs for Soprano and Orchestra surrounded by the grace and artistry of A Far Cry in March 2015. I get chills just thinking about the energy on stage at Jordan Hall that night.

Who would play you in the film (or musical or operatic) adaptation of your life?
A brunette Kirsten Bell starring in I Can't, I Have Rehearsal: The Margot Rood Story.

Name the next three fascinating #bosarts people we should send these questions to next.
Brian Calhoon, Margaret Lias, and Christina English

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