10 Questions with Rachel Cossar

May 27, 2016

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In the latest installment of our quick-take interview series, 10 Questions, we hear from sassy foodie and Opus Affair cohost Rachel Cossar. We're sending her all the love tonight as she dances her final performance as a corps de ballet member at the Boston Ballet!

What is your profession?
World traveler, food writer, and (until about 10pm tonight) Boston Ballet corps de ballet

Where do you live?
Fort Point woot woot!

What/when was your first Opus Affair?
Three years ago at West Bridge—RIP!

Favorite Opus Affair memory?
Photo shoots with Kyle and photo bomb competitions.

What's your current favorite Boston bar or restaurant?

What does it mean to live a creative life?
It means to be constantly asking questions, pushing boundaries and finding new ways to connect with others.

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What emoji best describes you?
78692604bb852884226c91b6b0f3891a.png and 5decb685acab91b86588d57be5af1fea.png5decb685acab91b86588d57be5af1fea.png5decb685acab91b86588d57be5af1fea.png5decb685acab91b86588d57be5af1fea.png

What is your favorite #bosarts experience from the last few months (or of all time!)?
Performing for my friends and family throughout the Swan Lake and Mirrors run!

What's your most memorable "That's so Boston" experience?
Being yelled at for not standing in the right line at Whole Foods... Literally just happened.

What's one question we haven't asked that you would like to ask yourself?
What's next?

Name the next three fascinating #bosarts people we should send these questions to next:
Rose Drucker, Catherine Owens (soon to be) Klotch, and Hailey Fuqua.

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