Sep 26 2013

On the Town: Special Election Edition

Posted by Kyle Thomas Hemingway on Sep 26, 2013 8:00:00 AM | 0 comments | On the Town

The playing field has narrowed and the people have spoken. Walsh and Connolly have advanced to the final ballot of November's mayoral election. Sort of like the final episode of any elimination reality TV show, both candidates have shown cunning and wit and will now fight to the finish for the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme—I mean Mayor of Boston. So much uncertainty lies between then and now, but one thing that is certain is that a lot of awesome #BostonArts are happening this weekend! Get out and vote in November and get out #OnTheTown right this instant for this week's picks!

Sep 19 2013

On The Town: Grand Theft Boston Arts

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It was recently brought to my attention that the newest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is actually the most expensive video game ever created. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Kyle, you don't play video games, how could you possibly care?" What you don't know, however, is that video games all play a part in this week's #BostonArts offerings! Don't let me hang up any further on this intro, though. Press start and join me #OnTheTown for some Video Game Realness!

Sep 12 2013

ARTery: The Debut Of Odyssey Opera

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Graham Wright joins Radio Boston to discuss the brand new Odyssey Opera...

Sep 12 2013

On the Town: Occasions!

Posted by Kyle Thomas Hemingway on Sep 12, 2013 8:00:00 AM | 0 comments | On the Town

Occasions! Avernersaries! You may notice something different about my byline in this week's column... That's right! Last weekend, your trusty #OnTheTown chaperone was made an honest man and entered into the world of wedded bliss! But just because I entered a bar and exited it married (be wary—it could happen to you!) doesn't mean that I'd abandon for a moment my duties to you faithful and loyal readers looking out for what to do this weekend! Therefore, I present to you #OnTheTown: The Newlywed Edition!


SpeakEasy opens with Nina Raine's acclaimed drama Tribes. Billy is born Deaf into a hearing family without any knowledge of sign language, and has to learn to read lips and keep up with his fast-paced academic parents. When he meets Sylvia, born hearing to Deaf parents, who teaches him to sign, he learns it's time for his family to communicate with him on his own terms, as well as question what constitutes "family" in the extended Deaf community. Helmed by the über-talented M. Bevin O'Gara, this play is sure to be a dynamite way to kick off SpeakEasy's 23rd season.

Tribes: By Nina Raine; Directed by M. Bevin O'Gara. At the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts; 539 Tremont Street, Boston; Through October 12. @speakeasystage

Sep 06 2013

On the Town: Science Rules

Posted by Kyle Thomas Hemingway on Sep 5, 2013 11:14:00 PM | 0 comments | On the Town

Science rules. This week, quite possibly the most important announcement of the entire year was made. Bill Nye the Science Guy will be appearing on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Along with luminaries like ex-Scientologist Lea Remini and Snooki, Bill Nye will use his knowledge of physics to tackle the foxtrot, tango, and myriad other ballroom styles. You'll definitely want to keep abreast of his moves for this year's Winter Ball!


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