On the Town: August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012

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McKayla Maroney was NOT impressed with my unexpected absence last week.

Hello friends! It is I, Kyle Thomas, back with another week of fabulous arts picks #OnTheTown! My sincerest apologies for being unexpectedly absent from #OnTheTown last week, I was busy watching Men's Gymnastics reruns in slow motion. However, now that the Olympics are over, what in god's name are we all to do? GO GET SOME CULTCHA, naturally. Therefore I present to you #OnTheTown: The Olympics recovery edition.


The amount of teenage angst in the Bard's classic star-crossed love story is enough to slow down even the fastest Olympic sprinter. If only the children of Verona listened to their parents, they wouldn't be in such a kerfuffle. As icing on the emo cake, the incredibly fierce Queen of Talentland, Paula Plum, directs this fabulous, intimate production. How can you go wrong?

Romeo and Juliet: By William Shakespeare; Directed by Paula Plum. At the Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts; 537 Tremont Street, Boston; happymediumtheatre.com. Through August 25. @HMTheatre


Fabulous photography + cocktails: a gold medal combination. Boston photographer Ron Ranere kicks off the new Artist Series at Back Bay's chic FORUM restaurant with his series, Liquid Light. Through these photos, Ranere explores fluidity and motion through displays of light. The opening reception at FORUM is tonight, who will I see there?

FORUM Artist Series: Liquid Light: Works by Ron Ranere; Presented by Suzanne Schultz Gallery. At FORUM; 755 Boylston Street, Boston; 857-991-1831; forumboston.com. Through September 27. @forum_boston