On the Town: Happy Birthday, Olympia!

June 20, 2013

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Happy birthday to the queen of my heart—Lowell native and Boston University alumna Olympia Dukakis turns 21 today [again]! Why not do former First Lady of Chicopee Parish Clairee Belcher a favor and celebrate with some fabulous #BostonArts out #OnTheTown?!


Olympia Dukakis is no stranger to math: she'll count Anne Boelyn's fingers with the best of them! The Foundry Equation's math looks something like this: "Art plus community equals renewal." From 11am–3pm on Saturday, FLUX Boston, Opus Affair, Voltage Coffee, and Yes.Oui.Si. will present this art initiative and open house at the City of Cambridge-owned Foundry Works Building. Come check out this fabulous proof of concept to turn this building into a community art center!

The Foundry Equation: At the Foundry Works Building; 101 Rogers Street, Cambridge; thefoundryequation.org. June 22 only. #thefoundryequation


Similarly, Ms. Dukakis knows a little something about leaving: her Best Supporting Actress Oscar statuette was stolen from her home in 1989! The fabulously talented Cabaret Series at Central Square Theater is at it again with a new show of love songs about leaving. Featuring an original script by fabulous local (and Huntington favorite) playwright Lydia Diamond and songs commissioned by local composers, this concert is sure to be a fabulous time. We can only hope there might be one or two surprises in this evening!

Never Far From Home: Love Songs about Leaving: Original Script by Lydia Diamond; Direction by Megan Sandberg-Zakian; Music Direction by Timothy Maurice. At the Central Square Theatre; 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge; centralsquaretheater.org. Through June 30. @centsqtheater