On the Town: Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2012

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Ah, Christmas. A time of eating twice one's weight in food you would never, under normal circumstances, consume; only to realize there are at least three days of leftovers in your refrigerator that also must be eaten at some point! If your holiday was anything like mine, you're not going to be able get off your couch (let alone fit through the door) for any arts-going except the world premiere of She Made Them Do It on Lifetime.

If you miraculously make it out, I super encourage you to tweet me @khemingway and hashtag #OnTheTown! Go take advantage of the amazing things that are happening around Boston on Monday for First Night, and I look forward to #OnTheTown-ing with you all in the new year!

Cheers, squirrelfriends!
Kyle Thomas

First Night Boston; All over Boston; firstnight.org. December 31st, 2012. @firstnight

EDITOR'S NOTE: Any friends of Opus looking for a civilized way to cap off their NYE festivities, should feel welcome to swing by the bar at Rialto in Harvard Square, where oysters will be $1 (from 11 to 12), the bubbles will be flowing, and Opus host Graham will be leading the crowd in ringing in 2013 in song at midnight.