On the Town: Happy Pope Day!

March 14, 2013

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What's new, Buenos Aires?! Pope Francis, that's what! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Seriously, though, history was made this week as white smoke billowed out of that famous Vatican chimney and Jorge Mario Bergoglio stepped into those fabulous red [not] Prada loafers, thus transforming into Pope Francis—the first non-European pope since the year 741 (not a typo).

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than to head out #OnTheTown this weekend for some fabulous #BostonArts?! Therefore, I give you #OnTheTown: Happy Pope Day!


Beethoven is the only musician cool enough to have his name permanently etched into the proscenium at Symphony Hall. Good ol' Ludwig van might not be entirely Papally-approved, however: his Mass in C Major has actually been called his most humiliating public failure ever. Thankfully, he's so good at writing other things, like symphonies, the seventh of which will be performed by Handel and Haydn Society this weekend under the deft baton of British superstar conductor Richard Egarr.

Don't miss H&H's H2 Young Professionals afterparty at Lucca Back Bay following the Friday 3/15 performance!

Beethoven Symphony No. 7: Conducted by Richard Egarr. At Symphony Hall; 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston; handelandhaydn.org. Through March 17. @handelandhaydn


Just like Pope Francis' choice of name, A Raisin in the Sun represents some important firsts: it was the first play by a black woman to be produced on Broadway and the first play with a black director on Broadway. Set in Chicago's South Side at the end of the 1950s, the play portrays an African American family living in a crowded apartment all yearning for different versions of a better life. Liesl Tommy, responsible for the Huntington's exceptional mounting of Ruined two seasons ago is at the helm of this production which features a bevy of familiar faces from the Huntington's past.

A Raisin in the Sun: By Lorraine Hansberry; Directed by Liesl Tommy. At the Boston University Theatre; 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston; huntingtontheatre.org. Through April 7. @huntington


As noted in this image, Pope Francis had a decidedly casual approach to making his first address as Pope. I, for one, certainly appreciated the understated "hey girl hey" manner in which he debuted. Champions of egalitarian contemporary music The Fifth Floor Collective bring the "hey girl hey" this Friday in their concert featuring artists-in-residence Transient Canvas in a concert almost entirely comprising world premiere works. Also, it's at The Lilypad, where they serve beer. Casual. Awesome.

Admission to Fifth Floor Collective concerts is always free.

Transient Canvas: Featuring clarinet and marimba duo Transient Canvas performing works by Barish, Greene, Murphree, Jackson, and Ziporyn. At The Lilypad; 1535 Cambridge Street, Cambridge. March 15 only. @ffc_newmusic


All of this Papal news (and the sad passing of Google Reader) nearly got in the way of reminding everyone that this week marks the one year anniversary of the Great Blackout of 2012! In the unlikely event that history repeats itself, we're gathering safely away from the Back Bay at Park in Harvard Square!

Opus Affair March: At PARK; 59 JFK Street, Cambridge. March 18 only. @opusaffair