On the Town: July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

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Well, liebchen, Kyle Thomas back! Did you miss me?

Yes, it's true. As ArtsBoston noted, I took a short hiatus last week. I was very busy being incredibly patriotic—I hope you were doing the same. This week, however, I'm back with a vengeance! I'm going to try my damndest to avoid any size jokes when I introduce this week's theme (especially those involving Lorena Bobbitt, that's just in poor taste). We really like big things: a 1988 Tom Hanks film, a rapper, and a magazine, among many other examples. Morgan Spurlock would say we're obsessed with them. Therefore, I give you #OnTheTown: The BIG One!

Per usual, tweet me @khemingway and let me know what you're up to!

True Believers at Vagabond Theatre Group

What's bigger than superheroes??? From the sick and twisted mind of my dear and talented friend Thom Dunn comes the tale of what happens when several individuals' lives intertwine at a weekend comic book convention. It's just like Closer, but significantly less highbrow (several scenes actually take place inside a World of Warcraft-like MMORPG—and are 100% computer animated!) If that's not enough for you, I have heard rumors that there will be spandex superhero costumes involved. That's right ladies, who needs Magic Mike?

True Believers: By Thom Dunn; Directed by James Peter Sotis. At The Factory Theatre; 791 Tremont Street, Boston; vagabondtheatregroup.wordpress.com. Through July 21. @vagabondtheatre

The Big Party: Opus Affair + Eastern Standard

Well, who saw that one coming? Luckily, True Believers is running through the 21st, because The Big Party is really the most important thing you could possibly be doing this weekend. We are transforming Eastern Standard in its entirety into a 1920s Gatsby-inspired garden party (complete with a full croquet court on the patio!). Play card games in the parlor or watch silent films in the gallery. Don your Sunday best (I will be the dandy in a seersucker trouser shorts suit. Yes, I just said trouser shorts suit.), down some giggle water, and all that jazz.Buy your tickets here, I hear they're nearly sold out!!!

The Big Party: At Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks; 528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. July 15. @opusaffair #TheBigParty