On the Town: July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

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But Graham[mother], what a big...party...you have...

All I have to say is that if you were not at Eastern Standard last Sunday, you really missed one of the most incredible parties the Boston arts scene has ever seen. In what I can only describe as a typical Opus Affair on all the steroids in the world, there were DIVINE costumes, amazing ticket drawings (Thanks, ArtsBoston!), delicious cocktails (Thanks to all my favorites: Hendricks, Drambuie, St. Germain, Fernet Branca!), me dancing on the bar, and more photo and press coverage than William and Kate's wedding (Fun game: Find the one piece of hyperbole in that last sentence). Therefore, in honor of the incredible success of The Big Party, I present to you #OnTheTown: The one with all the bright young things.

Per usual, tweet me (especially if Boston.com misspells my name again) at @khemingway. I love hearing from y'all!!


Boston may quiet down a bit in the summer, but the Gardner Museum's feisty After Hours program is as hot as the absurd global warming we're experiencing. This month's theme, Wanderlust, has a fabulous travel theme. Fierce Opus Affair cohost Jenn DiPrizio will be hosting The Living Room Project with some of her personal treasures, and there will be a rare and fabulous chance to take a look inside one of Mrs. Gardner's travel journals!

After Hours: Wanderlust: At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; 280 The Fenway, Boston; 617-278-5156; gardnermuseum.org. July 19 only, 5–9pm. @gardnermuseum


First conceptualized in 2006 by some BU graduate students, Boston Young Contemporaries aims to give current graduate candidates in area visual arts programs a platform to exhibit their works. This year promises to be the largest exhibition in the program's history, drawing from 14 colleges and universities from near and far.

Boston Young Contemporaries: Meet all the participating artists. At Gallery 808 at Boston University; 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston; bostonyoungcontemporaries.com. Through August 17.