On the Town: May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

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Sorry, Brenda, I don't do exuhcise.

Well hello, and welcome to my #OnTheTown blog post. I'm Kyle Thomas. Only through the magic of the internet. Do you like this gown? It's very dramatic. I'm here to tell you all about fashion and style. The best way to have fashion is to look at a lot of different fashions. And diet—and exuhcise. Let's go through my usual workout together as I take you #OnTheTown: The one with all the exuhcise.

As always, tweet me @khemingway and let me know what you're up to #OnTheTown yourself, but don't get upset if I don't answer right away. I'm probably on the treadmill.


Rollerskating is a great form of exuhcise, and the crazy kids down at the SpeakEasy are doing it on stage! In Xanadu, the hilarious musical based on the Olivia Newton-John masterpiece of the same name, a Greek muse descends from Olympus to 1980s Venice Beach to inspire a mortal artist to achieve his greatest aspiration—to open a roller disco (contrary to how this may sound, there is nothing gay about this show). As often happens in such situations, the pair inevitably falls in love and complications of Olympian proportions ensue. With an amazing cast and inventive staging (and roller skates), you can't not have a good time at this season closer!

Xanadu: Book by Douglas Carter Beane; Music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar; Directed by Paul Daigneault; Choreography by David Connolly; Music direction by Nicholas James Connell. At the Roberts Studio Theatre in the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, 527 Tremont Street, Boston; 617-933-8600; speakeasystage.com. Through June 9. @speakeasystage


Marathons are also excellent exuhcise. Instead of 26.2 miles, however, the Boston theater community does an annual marathon of 53 ten-minute plays by New England authors in one day! The Boston Theater Marathon (#BTM14) is an excellent opportunity to see theater that runs the gamut of style and subject matter, and features the talented voices of both established and emerging writers. Proceeds from this event go to the TCBF, a very worthy and important cause—some people (like my dear friend Kristin Baker) are even "running" theentire marathon to raise additional money!

Boston Theater Marathon XIV: View the full roster of playwrights. At the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, 527 Tremont Street, Boston; 617-933-8600; bu.edu/bpt. May 20 only. #BTM14


Cupcakes: NOT exuhcise. Actually, the opposite of exuhcise. Yet somehow, in this musical, everyone who eats them has killer biceps. The story of this world premiere musical (lampooning actual events in Provincetown) concerns the residents of Summertown, specifically local baker Tom and his irresistible cupcakes (the sale of which is against the law). Featuring an all-Boston cast including fierce powerhouse Karen MacDonald and a slew of Emerson College students and alums (go Lions!), this adorable new play will be a fun addition to your weekend.

Cupcake: The Musical: Book by Bradley Seeman; Music by Michael Wartofsky; Lyrics by David Reiffel; Directed by Guy Ben-Aharon. At Club Café, 209 Columbus Avenue, Boston; cupcakethemusical.wordpress.com. Through June 24. @cupcakemusical