On the Town: November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012

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Welcome to Flavor Town!

Some of you may have, last night or this morning, read the absolutely scathing New York Times' review of Guy Fieri's new Times Square restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar. If you haven't, please allow me to give you the Reader's Digest: There is something called Donkey Sauce served at this restaurant, which "Red" from Minnesota conjectures "may be seasoned with the tears of Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain." You can order Awesome Pretzel Chicken Tenders, which the reviewer calls "very far from awesome." Also, this is the absolute meanest, most ball-busting piece of "journalism" I've ever read in my life.

Irregardless, it did get me thinking: We have so many flavors of #BostonArts! Hell, we even have our own Donkey Sauce! Therefore, I present to you #OnTheTown: Welcome to Flavor Town!

Per usual, tweet me @khemingway with your weekend arts-going (and restaurant recommendations)!



Ain't No Thing Honey Chicken Wing

Under the deft hand of director Maria Aitken (the fierce queen responsible for last season's Private Lives), this incredible Harold Pinter play is enjoying a fabulous production at the Huntington Theatre Company. Betrayal tells the story of an extramarital affair in reverse chronological order, and this gorgeous staging may very well be the standout production of the Huntington's season.

Don't miss the 35 Below After Party on November 16. Patrons 35 and below always get $25 tickets to all performances.

Betrayal: By Harold Pinter; Directed by Maria Aitken. At the Boston University Theatre; 264 Huntington Avenue, Boston; 617-266-0800; huntingtontheatre.org. Through December 9. @huntington



Dragon's Breath Chili

Continuing the new Opus Affair Salon series, the fantastic Arneis Quartet will present a concert featuring baritone David Kravitz at Theatre 1 in the Revere Hotel. I recently saw these guys in a concert at Boston's own Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, L'Espalier (sarcasm fully intended), and truly just can't get enough of them. Their playing is top notch and I am very excited to see what happens when you add a singer of David Kravitz's caliber to the awesome [donkey] sauce.

Arneis Quartet with David Kravitz: At Theatre 1 in the Revere Hotel; 200 Stuart Street, Boston; opusaffair.org. November 19 only. @opusaffair



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Presenting their second concert of the season, the Boston Philharmonic will welcome 17-year-old pianist George Li this weekend as it features him on Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto. This dude played his first concert with the Boston Phil when he was 13. (My biggest accomplishment at 13 was being able to recite Moulin Rouge in its entirety, so good on you, George!) Rounding out the bill is Shostakovitch's Fifth Symphony, serving up some fierce socialist realism.

November Program: Conducted by Benjamin Zander; Featuring George Li, piano. At Jordan Hall and Sanders Theatre; 617-236-0999; bostonphil.org. Through November 18. @bosphil