On the Town: April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

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Dare I say it? Spring is finally springing, and a beautiful weekend is—cross our fingers—in store. What better complement to such lovely weather than some #BosArts?! This week, joining founder and host Graham Wright for some #OpusOTT picks is the dashing Giuseppe Frustaci! This Opus Affair repeat offender does something involving marketing (you'll have to ask him), runs Hub House Boston, and occasionally can be seen running the Santa Speedo Race. Let's see what these dapper gentlemen are planning on checking out this weekend...


Giuseppe: Mendelssohn's Library at Handel and Haydn Society

Easy choice. Aisslinn Nosky is a fierce violinist, and this string heavy collection of pieces is no doubt going to give her plenty of opportunity to spread her wings. I'm particularly looking forward to Bach's Concerto for 2 violins.

Head over to Lucca Back Bay after the Friday evening concert for an H2 Young Professionals reception.

Mendelssohn's Library: April 4 at NEC's Jordan Hall; 30 Gainsborough Street, Boston; April 6 at Sanders Theatre; Harvard Yard, Cambridge. @handelandhaydn @aisslinnviolin

Graham: The Whale at Speakeasy Stage Company

On the surface, you might think a story about a 600-pound man slowly eating himself to death should be on daytime TV and not on the stage, but this is a play with much more pathos and humanity than you'll ever find on Jerry Springer. Speakeasy has just extended their run through April 12, so you've got a little more time to laugh and cry with this complex, character-driven exploration of an often-parodied situation.

The Whale: At the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts; 527 Tremont Street, Boston. Extended through April 12. @speakeasystage

Giuseppe: Groupmuse Discovery Ensemble

Continuing the string theme, a fantastic sting quartet from Discovery Ensemble is giving a Groupmuse concert this weekend. They're leaving the musical selections a mystery, but promises to perform with violin, viola, and cello. I can't wait!

Groupmuse Discovery Ensemble: In Jamaica Plain. April 5 only. @discoveryensemb @groupmuse

Graham: Proof of Purchase

Samsøñ is hosting a terribly fun art sale to benefit the SMFA. Everything is postcard-sized and affordable—and here's the fun part: you won't know who the artist is until you've made a purchase. They've got famous artists mixed in with first year students, so you might find something quite valuable...or at least a valuable story about how you discovered your new favorite artist.

Proof of Purchase: At Samsøñ; 450 Harrison Avenue #29, Boston. Through April 5. @smfaboston