On the Town: February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014

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Well, my dear ones, I missed you all last Monday at Opus Affair! I've unfortunately got the dread flu, but just because it's preventing me from getting out on the town this weekend, that doesn't mean you should stay in yourself! There's plenty going on this weekend, and here to share their great taste (and matching bald heads) with you are Opus Affair founder and host, Graham Wright, and cohost, Jonathan Sheffi! Graham and Jonathan met while on the same team for a competitive puzzle solving team (wouldn't they just?) and have been friends ever since. When Jonathan isn't solving puzzles, he works at a biomed startup he co-founded and sings with Redline, a Boston a cappella group—talk about using both sides of the brain! Let's see what these smartypants have in store for the weekend!


Jonathan: Close to Chuck @ Boston Ballet

I'm going to Close to Chuck on Friday night. As a contemporary art dilettante, I became a fan of Chuck Close's work a few years ago, especially his self portraits. I'm curious to see how his work integrates with performing art. Plus, modern dance pieces seem to bring out the best in the Boston Ballet.

Close to Chuck: At the Boston Opera House; 539 Washington St, Boston. February 20–March 2. @bostonballet.

Graham: Boston Opera Collaborative @ OBERON

BOC is on quite a streak of creative, fun performances at OBERON, so I've got high expectations for Underlying Rhythms on Sunday. This original evening offers a mix a music and dance from Spanish and Russian traditions, so there are many dimensions of this performance you can latch onto. And if you aren't into the show, you can always grab another drink to pass the time at OBERON's bar until you get in a more receptive mood...

Underlying Rhythms: At OBERON; 2 Arrow St, Cambridge. February 23 only. @BostonOperaColl.

Jonathan: The Bard as Muse @ New England Conservatory

Someone, and I'm not saying who, but you probably read his plays and recited his sonnets in high school, has a 450th birthday coming up. Mr. Shakespeare, no worse for the wear, is being honored by NEC with a delightful series of pieces by Prokofiev and Verdi among others. Lots of special guests, including Adam Klein from the Met.

The Bard as Muse: At Jordan Hall; 30 Gainsborough St, Boston. February 23 only. @necmusic.

Graham: Elijah @ Jordan Hall

As much as I love Elijah, I always forget that it was originally written in German, probably because you NEVER hear it done that way. Well, Cantata Singers get to do whatever they want in their 50th anniversary season, so they are doing this one old-school style. Not only that, but thanks to the Free for All Concert Fund, the performance is free. The Saturday performance is already "sold-out" with reservations, but you can still catch their open dress rehearsal.

Elijah: At Jordan Hall; 30 Gainsborough St, Boston. February 22 performance, February 21 open dress. @CantataSinger.