On the Town: Special Election Edition

September 26, 2013

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The playing field has narrowed and the people have spoken. Walsh and Connolly have advanced to the final ballot of November's mayoral election. Sort of like the final episode of any elimination reality TV show, both candidates have shown cunning and wit and will now fight to the finish for the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme—I mean Mayor of Boston. So much uncertainty lies between then and now, but one thing that is certain is that a lot of awesome #BostonArts are happening this weekend! Get out and vote in November and get out #OnTheTown right this instant for this week's picks!


Beethoven was no stranger to the affairs of government, owing much of his living to various heads of state. This weekend, Emmanuel Music kicks off their season with an all-Beethoven program. Opening with the Egmont Overture (my favorite!), segueing into some vocal works, and ending with his "triple" Concerto for Violin, Cello, and Piano, this evening has a bit of everything from the only composer cool enough to have his name etched into the wall of Symphony Hall.

Beethoven Triple: Conducted by Ryan Turner. At Emmanuel Church; 15 Newbury Street, Boston; emmanuelmusic.org. September 28 only. @emmanuelmusic


Another composer familiar with the affairs of government was J.S. Bach, composing cantatas, concertos, and other miscellaneous pieces for various religious and governmental bodies—clearly, a dollar make Bach holla, honey boo boo child. H&H opens their season under the incredibly deft hand of artistic director Harry Christophers with Bach's iconic Mass in B Minor. With soloists pulled from the ranks of H&H's incredible chorus, this evening promises to be a spectacular opening to the society's 199th season.

H&H's young professionals group, H2, receives $30 B-level tickets to any H&H concert by using code H2TIX.

Bach Mass in B Minor: Conducted by Harry Christophers. At Symphony Hall; 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston; handelandhaydn.org. Through September 29. @handelandhaydn


The influence of government affects all areas of the arts, and as long as that's been happening there have been people writing critically about that. Arts journal Big & Shiny relaunched last year with a Big Red Shindig, and they had so much fun they're doing it again! Friday night at the Mills Gallery at the BCA, enjoy an evening of art, music, and dancing at this fabulous party. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door, so make sure you get there in time!

The Big Red Shindig: At the Mills Gallery; 539 Tremont Street, Boston; bigredandshiny.com. September 27 only. @bigredandshiny