How is the Opus Affair calendar curated?

February 25, 2016

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We created our calendar to showcase the arts and culture events our members are involved in. Our goal is that it should feel like an online extension of the "what are you working on next?" conversations that happen all the time at our events.

The calendar is built with two broad categories of events in mind: performances (music, dance, theater, etc.) and visual arts events (gallery openings, temporary exhibitions, screenings, etc.).  There's a lot of variety in those categories, so we have guidelines in place to keep our calendar focused and consistent.

Here are the GUIDELINES we follow...

1. Is it an event?

Permanent exhibitions or general operating hours of museums, galleries, etc. aren't a good fit for our calendar, since they aren't really "events". Temporary exhibitions or opening night events will work.


We don't publish members-only or private events. It needs to be open to the public. Or at least anyone with the link.

3. Does it have a clear start/end?

Performances with open-ended engagements don't really fit into our calendar.

4. No panels, lectures, auditions, classes, TOURS...

Or any other events that don't have a clear performance or visual component. For example, a concert with a panel discussion afterwards would be ok, but just the panel would not.

5. Nothing "for professionals only"

Our calendar is used by industry pros of many types, but also by consumers. If an event is too deep on the industry side, then it's probably not a good fit for the calendar. Things like professional development seminars and award ceremonies aren't appropriate.

6. Does it HAVe an official online presence?

We need an "official website" link (even if that's just a Facebook event). Our listing can't be the primary source of information on an event.

7. Is the event primarily about selling something?

Trunk shows, trade shows, and other sales events are out.

8. HOWEVER...Fundraisers CAN BE ok

Provided there is a performance or visual art component to the event and it benefits a performing or visual arts organization. 

9. No political or religious events

Certainly lots of art contains subject matter or commentary that is religious, political, or both. And many events take place in churches, government buildings, or other religious/political spaces. We aren't screening those out. But any event that exists primarily to further a political or religious cause isn't appropriate for our calendar.

For example, we will share a performance of Mozart's Requiem as a concert, but not if it is part of a church service. We would share a gallery show of political or religious art, but not if it is a fundraiser or rally for a candidate or political/religious organization.

10. Does it have a time, date, and location?

We love that you're so eager to share your event with us, but we can't spread the word until those particulars are confirmed.

11. Nothing online-only

In-person, real-life events, please

12. Nothing illegal

Feels weird to say this one, but don't submit anything that breaks laws or involving acts that would get you arrested or fined if you did them in public. That might mean adult entertainment or a performance in an unauthorized space.


ON FESTIVALS aND multi-part events

Generally we would create one event listing for an entire festival or multi-part event and include details of the components events in the description, but in some cases it makes sense to make several event listings as part of a series. If there is any question about whether you should submit one event or many, please email us at


on reviewing

On the matter of process. There really is a "we" reviewing all of the events that are suggested for the calendar. No one person is the solitary gatekeeper. The vast majority of events submitted are an obvious "yes". And when there's any doubt, the moderators make a collective decision.



When you suggest an event, we'll look for a photo on the event listing. If there's nothing there, we'll make a decision about a placeholder event. If you have a photo you want to make sure we use, please submit it with the event listing or send it to

Photos must have no text or logos and be at least 1200px wide. Ideally the photo is horizontal. If you send us a photo, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the rights to use it. By submitting the photo, you are confirming that you have the rights to use the photo.



If there are any questions, you can email us at As the calendar evolves, so do our policies. We want this to be a useful tool for all of our members.