Changing of the Guard

August 25, 2014

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The timing of this announcement might surprise you, but the content certainly won't:

I'm handing the reigns of the Boston Chapter over to Kyle Thomas Hemingway Dickinson...effective September 1st. That means Opus Affair August is my last Punch Bowl Fund as Boston Host.

Fret not. You are in expert hands with Kyle (and the seasoned co-host team). And I won't be far away. Now that we have chapters in two cities plus several "special projects" in the works, I'm shifting to a more CEO-type role, so I can dedicate time to the rest of the Opus Affair world—including broadening the boundaries defining that world. I'm ridiculous excited to share what's in the works...but it's not quite time yet. (Sorry for being a tease.) It won't be long.

Speaking of ridiculously excited: I can't wait to see what Kyle does here in Boston. (And I also can't wait to be a guest at his first event in September.) I can think of no better person to build our momentum and add even more energy to our already-energetic community.

We'll have many excuses for toasts at Belly tomorrow.

Will you join me in wishing Kyle the best? Leave a comment or Tweet at him (you know he likes that).