Deadly sins, master debaters, and a house on fire: This week in #bosarts

April 7, 2016


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Opus Affair April
Tuesday, April 19 at Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale

Urbanity Dance + Emmanuel Music Bach Reinvented Saturday, April 9 7:30 PM 12 members connected

Bad Habit Productions Speech and Debate March 26—April 10 7 members connected

Complimentary Tickets SpeakEasy Stage Company Bootycandy March 12—April 9 8 members connected

Huntington Theatre Company Can You Forgive Her? March 25—April 24 3 members connected

$5 off tickets Fresh Ink Theatre Company That Time The House Burned Down April 8—23 3 members connected

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Upcoming This Week

T: An MBTA Musical
Can You Forgive Her?
Speech and Debate
That Time The House Burned Down
The Gallery and Guests
Bach Reinvented
Rossini's Cinderella

Newly Added

Studio Sessions: We're Gonna Die Remix
We're Gonna Die
Groves of England to the Halls of Vienna