On the Town: April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

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It's Thursday, friends! That means it's time for more fabulous #BosArts recommendations for you to take out On the Town! This week, Graham is joined by the fabulous Andy Chau! This multitalented (and sassy) man currently works as Director of Career Support Services and Student Programs at the Boston Conservatory (the next time someone bitches about how long my name is, I'm going to point to Andy's job title). Andy also works with the Rivers Conservatory Youth Wind Ensemble and Alcyon Chamber Ensemble and recently made his conducting debut with the Fall River Symphony Orchestra (a part of the state we both once called "home"). Let's see what these fine gentlemen have in store for the weekend.


andyAndy: The Shape She Makes at American Repertory Theater

[Pictured above] It’s always a treat to see new works being premiered. What’s even more moving is the collaboration of dance and theater. This production explores an 11-year-old that seeks the understanding of themselves as a person. This work digs deep as it tries to explain how our childhoods relentlessly shape who we are today and through contemporary dance, it creates a sensual work of art.

The Shape She Makes: At OBERON; 2 Arrow Street, Cambridge. Through April 27. @ClubOBERON

team-graham-150x150Graham: Nicholas Phan in recital with Celebrity Series of Boston

In certain circles, Nick Phan is already a bonafide celebrity, but for those who don't know him yet, you've got a chance to hear him in Celebrity Series' emerging artists series before he's too famous for us to get him to come around anymore. Nick sings the [expletive deleted] out of Britten. You need to go to this, so you can brag about it years from now.

Nicholas Phan in recital: At Pickman Hall; 27 Garden Street, Cambridge. April 17 only. @celebrityseries @grecchinois

andyAndy: Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra at the Regent Theatre

This Patriot’s Day marks the 118th Boston Marathon, which is a bottle of different types of emotion. However, two days before that, The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra (URO) will be celebrating the heroes and survivors of last year’s Boston Marathon at an exclusive concert. This concert will benefit Boston’s One Fund and URO will perform the Iconic music by Aerosmith, Boston, and The Cars! For one night only, the URO, along with some special guests, will rock out to some Beantown rock classics. Music can bring people together and this concert will continue to show our #bostonstrong spirit!

Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra: At the Regent Theatre; 7 Medford Street, Arlington. April 19 only. @UROrocks

team-graham-150x150Graham: Aurelie Galois: United Icons of America at Sloane Merrill Gallery

I love spending time in Sloane Merrill Gallery, no matter what they are doing, but this should be a particularly interesting show. Aurelie Galois, who hails from Paris but makes her home in Boston now, has put together a series of interpretations of American icons "from her first American loves to her latest crushes." Think more of James Dean and David Lynch than Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln. The opening night reception is the place to be (though you can catch the show later if you are booked up on Friday).

United Icons of America: At Sloane Merrill Gallery; 75 Charles Street, Boston. Opening April 18. @sloanemerrill75