Opus Affair September & PowerPoint Party!

November 16, 2020

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We did it! We pulled off another Zoom Party Opus Affair extravaganza! Not too long ago in response to COVID keeping us out of bars we tried out having a virtual Zoom party where those in the Opus community could give short presentations about how they are surviving and dare I say thriving in quarantine.

We kicked off the evening with our wondrous host Kyle Thomas Hemingway leading us through our new go to cocktail, the Negroni. As he shares it is simple, can be made out of any kind of gin (the less Juniper the better though) and is the best transitional cocktail to lead us through the fall.

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After we had our cocktails made, Susan Weiler of Global Arts Live shared with us how they are pulling off a fall season. Not only are they streaming some performances but they are even tackling in-person concerts! Have you heard of Starlight Square? It is the hip new place in Cambridge to go! It is a temporary outdoor installation and the only place in the Greater Boston area to be specifically designed to fit the MA guidelines for social distancing in the face of COVID. 

Next up, Hailey Fuqua led us through a tour of her antique book collection and gave us tips on how to start our own. It was fascinating to see how musical scores have come in and out of popularity throughout the ages.

Tony Fusco of Fusco and Four talked to us about Boston Design week and how they are handling moving everything online this year.

Meghan Perdue rounded out our evening with teaching us a new skill! Have you learned to play piano? Have you not touched a set of piano keys since you were a kid and are desperately looking for a new hobby? Then why not learn how to play the piano virtually?

The night was full of laughs and coming together to celebrate inventiveness. COVID-19 has changed the way we gather but it can’t take away the beauty of community. 

The November Opus Affair is going to be our last one for a little while. Don't worry; we'll be back! Over the next few months, we'll reassess and think carefully about what circumstances we’ll look for in the spring and summer, when we might return to in-person events. In the meantime, we’ll keep in close communication with our friends and partners in the local arts community and restaurant industry.

There will be no PowerPoint presentations in November, just our regular friendly arts chatter over drinks, with a few a see-ya-laters thrown in. We hope you'll join us!

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