Nov 20 2018

Photos: Opus Affair November at City Winery Boston

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At the November Opus Affair, we were thankful for good friends old and new, the arts, and delicious welcome punch provided by Egan's Irish Whiskey!

Oct 30 2018

Photos: Opus Affair October at Kingston Grille & Bar

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Oh my gourd! We had a scary good time during the October Opus Affair at Kingston Grille & Bar!

Sep 28 2018

Photos: Opus Affair September at Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale

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We had a fine time at Stoddard's Fine Food and Ale!

Sep 25 2018

The Magical World of Skunkadelia

Posted by Alexis Smith on Sep 25, 2018 1:28:17 PM | 0 comments | Interviews

Any story that begins with “well, it all started with a moose…” you know is going to be a good story. This week, the blog decided to do something a little different from our typical profile: we’re focusing on robots—beautiful, fantastic robots. And I mean fantastic, in a quite literal sense. To encounter the work of artist Skunk, you’re transported away from the mundanity of everyday life to a fantasy world where junk-metal comes to life and can emote and have a distinctive personality, to a bicycle chopper gang that pilots choppers through the streets of Somerville with the mission to “BUST THE FUNK”. This week, I entered the world of Skunkadelia.

Sep 18 2018

Podcast: Cerise Jacobs

Posted by Graham Wright on Sep 18, 2018 3:24:34 PM | 0 comments | Interviews, Audio, Podcast, Visionaries

We're launching an Opus Affair podcast! Our first interview is with Cerise Jacobs, the creator and librettist of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Madame White Snake and the founder of White Snake Projects.

Sep 06 2018

Kristo Kondacki on Music as Transformation, 'Sheltering Voices', and Political Exile

Posted by Alexis Smith on Sep 6, 2018 2:39:51 PM | 0 comments | Boston, Interviews

Many of you may have seen a video circulating Facebook featuring an orchestra whose choir was comprised partly of women currently experiencing homelessness. The project, called 'Sheltering Voices', is the brainchild of Kristo Kondacki, co-founder and conductor of the Eureka Ensemble, and has gone viral with cities across the country reaching out to Kondacki in an effort to start similar programs in their home-cities.

Aug 22 2018

Photos: Opus Affair August at Alibi Bar & Lounge

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We had a blast hanging out with our BAMA friends during the August #OpusAffair! at Alibi Bar and Lounge!

Aug 21 2018

Stacey Chou from the Flute Quintet, In Radiance, Talks About the Flute

Posted by Alexis Smith on Aug 21, 2018 4:11:01 PM | 0 comments | Interviews

A few months ago this blog featured the Boston Trombone Project and we explored the history of the trombone and what makes it special. Now it's time for an instrument on the other end of the spectrum, the flute. This week, I sat down with Stacey Chou, from the flute quintet, In Radiance, to talk about what exactly a flute quintet is, what makes it so special, and how they're changing around the chamber music concert.

Aug 09 2018

Sasha Callahan on Restoring Intimacy to Chamber Music

Posted by Alexis Smith on Aug 9, 2018 4:34:42 PM | 1 comment | Boston, Interviews

Generally my editor likes these articles to be around a thousand words, I can usually pare down to around 1200 or so, but in talking this week to Sasha Callahan I simply couldn't cut anything. (Get ready readers, you’re in it for the long haul!) Sasha, who co-founded the Willamette Valley Chamber Music Festival along with her husband, cellist Leo Eguchi and her sister, has so much passion and enthusiasm and joy for chamber music that it's just infectious and well-worth reading about.


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