Meet the August PBFund Nominees

August 21, 2014

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August's Punch Bowl Fund brings us all a little closer to the end of the summer, but it also brings us back to one of our favorite bars, Belly. We'll be trying out the new way of running the PBFund. For those of you that missed the trial run last month at Grill 23, everyone who attends gets a vote when they check in (RSVP'ing makes this speedy process extra speedy). There will still be Punch, plus a few other selections whose purchase contributes to the Fund, but all money goes through the bar. This month we're putting head to head three organizations trying new approaches to getting Boston talking about and experiencing art and music.
Who are you going to vote for?

Big Red and Shiny

Whether you want to know critical thoughts on the local art scene, or just want “art with a Boston accent”, Big Red and Shiny is Boston’s online arts journal.

Mission: to “commission and publish articles, essays and reviews that explore the theory, history and reception of art in its current conditions, by experienced writers here and around the globe” as well as online multi-media content such as documentaries and time-based art works.


Plugging in an iPod at a party is so passé. Groupmuse invites hosts to invite classically trained musicians to perform intimate concerts in their homes for their guests. What's better is the model runs on crowd funding, in the form of a hat passed around at the end of the evening.

Mission: "to bring the great masterpieces of western music back from the margins of society by organically working them into the social fabric of our world," and "to bring communities closer together by creating a thriving network of experiences that draw people in by giving them a substantive and meaningful reason to congregate as often and as conveniently as possible."

Landmarks Orchestra


The Boston Landmarks Orchestra presents accessible concerts like few others. Always free, the Landmarks Orchestra presents their concerts at historical or architecturally significant spaces, such as the Hatch Shell. They frequently collaborate with other Boston-area arts organizations. Plus the company actively provides tools for audience members with disabilities, particularly those with auditory and/or visual impairments.

Mission: to "help our diverse audiences grow in their appreciation both of the fine music that we offer and the special places where we perform."

Vote for your favorite at the August Opus Affair event
Tuesday August 26, 6PM to 9PM
Belly Wine Bar
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139