Meet the November #PBFund Nominees

November 18, 2014

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Both music and a chill are in the air at October's Punch Bowl event. This month's nominees are all music ensembles, presenting music that spans from the 17th century to the present day. This fabulous company coupled with the Alibi's warm atmosphere is sure to make for a cozy autumnal evening. Who are you going to vote for?

Boston Opera Collaborative


Since it began in 2005 Boston Opera Collaborative has continued to build up steam. The company provides much needed performance opportunities for young musicians, filling their casts each season with over 150 singers from Boston-area conservatories and music schools. Their strong productions are singer-centric and range from standard grand opera repertory to intimate new works.

Arts Connect International

Arts Connect International, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate & connect leaders in the arts field committed to cultural inclusion and social equity on a global scale. ACI runs a year-long international Artist-in-Residence program for emerging leaders. Artists identify the art form, international location, and inclusion foci for the residency. The program educates, informs, and grows the artistic and personal skills of participating artists while stimulating and enhancing the arts communities in which they work and live. Artists then leverage work produced during the residency to open and deepen conversations surrounding cross-cultural inclusion in their home community.

Shelter Music Boston


Shelter Music Boston presents classical chamber music concerts, of the highest artistic standards, in homeless shelters and other sheltering environments. Their goal is to promote community, creative interaction, respect, and therapeutic benefit. They believe all people deserve access to the dignity, creativity, and passion of classical music whether or not they have a home.

Vote for your favorite at Opus Affair November!

Monday, November 24, 6–9pm
Bastille Kitchen
49 Melcher Street, Boston, MA 02210