Meet the July PBFund Nominees

July 23, 2014

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Between the new Punch Bowl Rules and three organizations who love to perform the written word, metered or nor, the July Punch Bowl is heating up (don't worry - the drinks are still ice cold). Read more to get to know July's nominees. Who are you going to vote for?

Boston Poetry Slam

Boston Poetry Slam is the place for live slam poetry all across the city – from Jamaica Plan to Somerville to Cambridge. It even gets competitive. Since 1991 Boston Poetry Slam has built a space for the city to tell its story through the art of spoken word.

Mission: “to foster new work and new voices in performance poetry, to drive the evolution of the genre, and to promote poetry to the widest and most diverse audience possible using the nurturing environment of the open mic, the appeal of compelling featured poets, and the competition of poetry slam.”

Boston Poetry Slam

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company


Although it's probably best known for its massively-attended free performances on the Boston Common each year, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is stellar in many more ways that that. Comm Shakes presents its plays during the summer months free of charge when so many other theatre companies are off-season. They often feature young actors from underserved neighborhoods, combining much needed community involvement and youth support with beautifully performed Shakespeare. It's Shakespeare of, by, and for the people.

Mission: to perform the works of William Shakespeare in vital and contemporary productions that are presented free of charge to Boston’s diverse communities, and to educate Boston’s youth not only about Shakespeare but also about their own potential for creativity.

Comm Shakes

Company One

Through it's bold productions and educational programming, Company One presents some of the most egalitarian theater in the city, without ever pandering or compromising on compelling productions. They have an uncanny knack for reaching new audiences regardless of gender, race, economics, age, etc. Company One presents theater for all of Boston, not just a select sliver of arts goers. You can catch them at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Mission: to change the face of Boston theatre by uniting the city’s diverse communities through innovative, socially provocative performance and developing civically engaged artists.

Company one

Vote for your favorite at the July Opus Affair event
Monday July 28, 6PM to 9PM
Grill 23
161 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116