What events are you involved in?

February 10, 2016

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Most event listings say who is hosting/organizing and who is attending...but that doesn't really capture your connection to an event if you're playing in the orchestra, acting on stage, working the box office, volunteering in the front of house, sitting on the board of directors, etc. You're doing more than attending, but you aren't necessarily the organizer.

That gap between organizing and attending is where a lot of Opus Affair members live. Sharing an event listing that says you are "attending" looks the same whether you might be playing in the orchestra or just buying a ticket. Most of the world doesn't need to make that distinction, but in our community, it's pretty important, so we thought we should do something about it.

Opus Affair members can now say if they are involved in an event (in addition to the standard responses of attending or interested). We've left "involvement" as an open-ended term. If you are performing, exhibiting, designing, advising, staffing, volunteering, funding, or any manner of thing that connects you to the event in a way that could be described as "more than simply attending but not quite organizing," then you are probably "involved."

If you are involved in events, we want to know and we want to make it easy for you to tell people (especially other Opus Affair members) about it.

  1. Create a profile on opusaffair.com (and make sure it's set to be public)
  2. Find your event on the calendar (If it's not there, tell us about it!)
  3. Click the bubble next to your face and select "involved"
  4. Share the event listing with others who are involved in the event or anyone who should know about your involvement
  5. Rinse and repeat (Rinsing optional)

Easy enough, right?

Once we know whether you're involved in an event, we use that information to make general event recommendations to the entire group and to make personalized recommendations to people who follow you.