What makes an event popular on the Opus Affair calendar?

February 20, 2016

Popular with members
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You might be wondering what makes an event "popular" on our calendar. Is it curated by co-hosts or by the arts illuminati? Is it the result of backroom lobbying or superdelegate collusion? Nope. Popularity is determined by these five quantitative factors, in decreasing priority...

  1. How many members are involved in the event?
  2. How many members are attending the event?
  3. How many members are interested in the event?
  4. How many followers do the above members have?
  5. How many members have viewed the event listing?
#1 is far more important than #2, which is far more important than #3, etc. It's all in the numbers. No picking favorites behind the scenes. Just numbers.
We send out an email and make a blog post on Thursdays with the top five most popular events, but you can look at the calendar at any time to see the most popular events—the list is updated every time someone takes a look.

How do I boost an event's popularity?

If you'd like to make sure an event moves to the top of the popular list, just keep those five factors in mind. To get started, I'd recommend you...
  1. ...invite the artists/staff/volunteers connected to your event sign into opusaffair.com and mark themselves as involved in the event. Big points for that.
  2. ...encourage those same fellow artists/staff/volunteers to attend Opus Affair events and be active in our community (online and offline). The more people who know them and follow them, the better the event will fare.

Those are the two most important factors, so that's the easiest place to start.

Sound fair? We set it up this way to make it easier for members to find events that other members are involved in, with a little bonus for members who are particularly involved in the community. We also want to make sure the system is nice and transparent for everyone involved, so you know exactly what you're getting into.

What do you think?